Family owned and operated since 1998.

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten.
— Henry Ford


Our Mission

At BPM we provide physical therapy services to the community of Salem and surrounding cities in Marion, Polk, Linn and Benton counties. We offer specialty and general physical therapy programs to meet the physical rehabilitation needs of a variety of diagnoses, age groups and physical limitations.  Due to the small nature and family orientation of our clinic, each patient receives quality one-on-one time.  As we listen to our patients’ concerns, we are better able to meet their needs.  We treat the whole person.

Just a few of our Patient reviews

  • Clyde Lee III

    I absolutely love going to my therapy! These guys are the best! Keep up the amazing work! Everyone at BPM truly cares about the patients and they always spend extra time and energy to make sure everything is done correctly. I always feel very comfortable. The knowledge and experience shows, and I am always treated with such kindness. They are constantly checking to make sure I'm as comfortable as possible. They are very informative and I'm not afraid to ask questions. I wasn't thrilled about my recovery process and how long it will take to heal, and I was worried and discouraged, but I quickly realized that I couldn't have a better team to help me through it. Thank you BPM!

  • Clover Stein

    BPM is a fantastic place to have your physical therapy treatments. Johnny is professional, thorough and constantly working to find exactly the right way to help you heal. The staff is caring, relational and watchful. Therapy is not easy or pain free. Trusting the staff at BPM to listen and guide you - maybe even push you - is the key to better results, and you will make friends as an added benefit.

  • Brad Scheminske

    I simply cannot give high enough praise for the treatment I received at BPM Physical Therapy. I had suffered from chronic low back pain for years and I had come to believe it was just my "new normal." But the folks at BPM didn't think so. They went to work on me and, I know some won't believe this, but I began to feel better after the first treatment. After two months of weekly care, I rarely have the pain. Quite simply, they changed my life and I am very, very thankful

  • Lauren Heinatz

    I had gone to physical therapy twice at different places with not much improvement though I did all I was told to do. Then I was referred to Johnny. Wow, what a difference! Johnny knows what he's doing, the staff truly cares and most importantly, they take the time to make sure you get the most out of your PT. As a result, I can now enjoy my active lifestyle without pain. I'm sure there are other great PT clinics, but you won't go wrong with BPM.

  • brandy bevens

    Johnny and staff are awesome miracle workers, that have given me so much hope and strength.I would and alway do recommend them to anyone in need. I will always be so thankful for the huge difference they have made in my life! Thank you thank you so much BPM!!!

  • Jan Hogren

    Opening the door, I experienced a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. The thorough, ongoing evaluation resulted in skillful therapy adapted to my personal needs. All staff members were patient, cheerful, and encouraging. Their time spent listening demonstrated their caring.
    Whether a 'frozen' shoulder, knee arthroscopy, or spinal stenosis, their perseverance to minimize my pain and increase my strength has indicated their consistent quality of service through the years. After heart surgery and a recurrence of intense pain due to recurrence of spinal stenosis symptoms, they enabled me to go from non-functioning and weakness to be able to resume previous activity. So thankful for all of you at BPM!

  • Laura

    BPM is truly a place of encouragement and healing! Johnny and his team helped me get back to my active lifestyle.

  • Latham Russell

    Staff at BPM is wonderful! Physical therapy has been most helpful to improve strength and posture.

  • Christina Greene

    Very thorough and the PT aids are very friendly and listen well.

  • Gianni Maddalozzo

    Excellent individualized care and treatment. They listen and they care!

  • Jodi Hamre

    BPM PT provides wholistic and personal care. I used to settle for the kind of PT where they would teach me a few stretches, never touch or manipulate the injury in any way and record my pain and send me on my way. Going to BPM transformed the way I saw treatment because they provided a comprehensive treatment. Their business is very personal to them and they are vested in my recovery. They even explained for me what my insurance company was looking for and why pain journals were so important. I have, unfortunately been in a few accidents and have needed Physical Therapy. Most recently I was rear-ended and knew exactly where I should go. I am so grateful to know them and their caring, friendly staff.

  • Jim Brown

    Just the best!

  • Ted Ferry

    Unfortunately, I have had multiple surgeries and therefore a lot of PT. When I faced knee replacement surgery at the age of 48, I researched and personally picked the surgeon, hospital and my physical therapist. Johnny and BPM were my selection for my Knee PT. I am so thankful for that selection. Complete and Kind Care... and a push to get done what needs to get done to have the mobility I now enjoy. Thank you Johnny and team.


Many Insurances require a referral from your Primary Care Physician, prior authorization, or other provisions. This may be determined by contacting your insurance company by calling the Customer Service number on the back of your insurance card. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in discovering how your particular insurance handles your physical therapy benefits.